I signed up for pro membership, but I was not satisfied. Here is my review of this poker training site for professional poker players.

I searched for poker training sites, that would have the knowledge about todays NL100 pools and its tendencies – and, more importantly, the graphics, tools and strategy, that is needed, to beat it. The Red Chip Poker training site, among others, claimed to be such a site. I signed up and looked into it, but I was not satisfied.

The pro membership page of Red Chip Poker.

The site claimed to have the latest tactics, but apart from very few videos, with no production date, that discuss a few general topics, the videos actually seems to be old and out-dated. Production dates of videos are not shown, but details in the videos, such as versions of software and other data, indicate production dates from 2012 to 2016. This includes the win graph from Adam Jones, which is listed as one of the poker professionals, but wishes to be somewhat anonymous and not answer, where he plays poker. I have never seen him at any table though. However, online poker in those years were much different from today. Just as 2012 was much different from 2006.

The site claimed to have in-depth training material, that is specific to the games, I play, but apart from very few videos, that discuss a few general topics of unconfirmed theory, there was not a single in-depth video or book about todays NL100 nor the current and up-to-date strategy, that is needed, to beat it. I did not even find any bookshelf with any in-depth books about todays NL100 or similar stakes.

The site claimed to have VIP service and guidance from a team of professionals, but I did not find interaction with these, because they did not respond to email and there was no other built-in way to discuss anything with any professional. The nearest thing was the forum for other users of the site, but who knows, who is a succesful pro and not.

I did not get any training, that could help me beat NL100. I cancelled my membership and asked for a refund, which was given immidiately. However, I am dissappointed, that they did not give any answer to my questions nor comments on my review though. I am afraid, that it confirms, that the site is based on a business model about making money by reselling old content.