If you just upgraded to FreeBSD 12 or 13, then you might experience, that the font in the virtual terminal system console has become too small.

Change font size in FreeBSD virtual terminal system console.

FreeBSD and its virtual terminal console driver vt comes with differents fonts, that can be used in the virtual terminal system console.

# ls /usr/share/vt/fonts/*.fnt

The system console control and configuration utility vidcontrol can be used to change the font to one of those in /usr/share/vt/fonts. Note, that this change relates to the font in your system console, but not the font, that you see in terminal emulators, such as Terminal for GNOME and X.

# vidcontrol -f terminus-b32

When you found a suitable font, then you can set it permanently in the system configuration information rc.conf.

# nano /etc/rc.conf
allscreens_flags="-f terminus-b32"

More about console fonts and resolution.

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