§ 2.1. This web server has logged, that you and your browser CCBot/2.0 (https://commoncrawl.org/faq/) came by www.micski.dk via the host at, which resolved to ec2-44-192-48-196.compute-1.amazonaws.com, from port 53788 to 443 on the date and time of 2024-06-20 22:56:18 Danish time.

§ 2.2. Activity and identifiable information about you, your browser and your host network, that is related to your visit, is logged and stored by the web server forever, and by its firewall for 6 months, for the purpose of generating visitor statistics and documenting abuse.

§ 2.3. The logs, stored by the web server and firewall, are automatically backed up via encrypted communication to encrypted storage at the secure online backup service Tarsnap. The backup archives are stored for 60 days.

§ 2.4. Your Google Search query and other information about you, your browser and your host network, that is related to your visit, is collected by Google for the purpose of performance optimization in Google Search Console. The collected data are stored for 16 months.

§ 2.5. Email, that you send to me, is stored for 6 months, while the mail server transfer log are stored for 6 months.

§ 2.6. Information about Bitcoin, that you send to me, are limited by nature, but the Bitcoin address, that I receive from, and the transferred amount are stored for 5 years.

§ 2.7. If you should wish to have your data deleted from the logs in your quest for the right to be forgotten, then you may request it via email to .

§ 2.8. If your IP address or fingerprint has fallen into a honeypot by your own action or has been abused for making connections to my services, then it might be manually or automatically reported to international lists, databases and authorities for investigation and abuse control. I have no control over the consequences, that follows as a result of this, but you are advised to contact such abuse control services yourself.