Welcome to Micski’s personal blog and homepage. Learn more about IT security, FreeBSD, system administration, poker and more about Micski.

Welcome to my personal blog and homepage.

Welcome to my little personal homepage on the large internet. I live in Copenhagen, which is the capital city of Denmark and located within the Northern part of Europe. There are many interesting cities in Europe, and they all have their specialities, but I absolutely love the history, nature, seasons, people, culture, peace and life here. I have written adventure related articles, some with pictures and video clips, in my category Adventure. I have a list of my video clips for better compatibility with different devices and applications in Videos.

Resting on a small beach at Skrædderholmen in Southern part of Copenhagen.

Linux, Unix and open source system administrator with focus on privacy and security.

I am a system administrator of information technology and have specialized in open source software and Linux and Unix operating systems. I am highly experienced in Ubuntu and FreeBSD with many years of experience from working with large internet service providers and small private businesses. Over the years I have developed customer relation and proces management systems, recovered companies from devastating data loss and earned the highest awards in customer service. I have written FreeBSD related articles in my category FreeBSD and system administration related articles in general in my category System Administration.

Screenshot of a FreeBSD desktop, that is showing GNOME, Terminal and a The Draw FreeBSD daemon Beastie background wallpaper.
Screenshot of a FreeBSD desktop, that is showing GNOME, Terminal and a The Draw FreeBSD daemon Beastie background wallpaper.

Texas no limit holdem poker player.

I am also a poker player and have specialized in full ring texas no limit holdem cash games, where I am known for my tight and aggressive style. I play live as well as online poker and have tracked more than a million played hands. Poker is an amazing card game in which you will need all your skills in life, such as mental mind set, physical shape, theory, practice, player profiling, software, continued studying and social networking. What you learn in poker you can apply to your life – and vice versa. I am always interested in sharing thoughts, experiences and knowledge. I have written poker related articles in my category Poker and chess related articles in my category Chess.

A general passion for nerdy stuff.

Besides that I have a general passion for computers, high fidelity audio systems, general electronics, photography, classic cars, motorcycles and speedboats, people, cultures and more. I have operated many different kinds and models, which has resulted in amazing experiences and valuable friendships. I keep a healthy mind and body through a continuing study of personal development and practice meditation, walks, swimming and other exercise workouts. I have many years of experience from martial arts in my past. I have written different tools, such as What is My IP Address?, Password Generator and Weather Forecast. I have written Cerwin-Vega related articles in my category Cerwin-Vega.

Running on the main landing strip at the abandonded military airport Flyvestation Værløse.

How to get in contact with me.

Make yourself familiar with the technology, logging, terms and conditions, that apply to the visit and use of my blog and homepage on my page About My Homepage. I have shared my cryptographic keys on my page My Public GPG and SSH keys. If you wish to get in contact with me, you can find ways to contact me on my page Contact Details.

Victory sign in front of an old wall with graffiti paint on it.

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