Michael Helsvig


Welcome to my little hide-out on the large internet. I am not sure, how you washed up here, but if you were looking for the meaning of life or a humble recipient for your bitcoin donation, I will be very impressed by your choice of search engine. The purpose of this page is simply to document projects, that can be of help to others, and provide my current contact and encryption details.


If you are not an evil email address harvesting robot, but in fact a kind human, you can contact me via email, if you remove the dark tone from the first part of the email address. But be aware: Should you forget it, then your honorable mail exchange host will fall into a deep and greasy honey pot and your otherwise lovingly prepared messages will simply vanish into the bit bucket of no return.


If you value freedom and privacy, which you probably do, then consider using my public PGP key for verifying my signature and encrypting your messages. If you would like to grant me access to one or more of your servers, then you can do so with my public SSH key. If you need the certificate of my certificate authority, you can download it here and import it as necessary.


My homepage, which I wrote in a simple text editor, was served to you by the open source projects Apache, FreeBSD, Let's Encrypt and PHP. This page does not use any cookies nor tracking software, so no worries: No one on this end of the connection, other than the visitor log and its permitted trustworthy readers and wizards, will know, that you and your browser CCBot/2.0 (https://commoncrawl.org/faq/) came by www.micski.dk via the host at, which resolved to ec2-54-236-59-154.compute-1.amazonaws.com, from port 58654 to 443 on this date and time of 2020-08-09 03:44:21 Danish time. This page was updated 2020-08-03.

The cute BSD daemon.