Welcome to my personal blog and homepage!

Welcome to my little personal blog and homepage Micski’s Blog and Homepage, where I publish my howto’s and articles about system administration, photography, poker strategy, gravel bike cycling and other interests. If you have any questions or simply wish to get in touch with, then feel free to contact me via my contact formular.

Who am I?

The name Micski comes from the IRC, where it was my nickname in the good old days, when Internet was truly a social media. My real name is Mic and I live in Copenhagen, which is the capital city of Denmark. Denmark is a country and is a part of Scandinavia and Europe. There are many interesting countries and cities in Europe, and they all have their specialities, but I love the history, nature, seasons, people, culture, peace and life here in Denmark.

System administrator of Unix, Linux and open source systems.

I am a system administrator of information technology and have specialized in Unix, Linux and open source software based servers, networks and systems. I have many years of experience from working with large internet service providers and small private businesses. Over the years I have developed customer relation and proces management systems, recovered companies from devastating data loss and earned the highest awards in customer service. I am highly experienced in the FreeBSD and Ubuntu operating systems.

Semi-professional live and online poker player.

I am also a semi-professional poker player and have specialized in full ring texas no limit holdem cash games, where I am known for my semi-loose and aggressive style. I play live as well as online poker and have tracked more than two and half million played hands over the years. Poker is an amazing card game in which you will need to master skills, such as a good fundamental understanding of money management, mathematics and poker strategy. You will also need to stay in good physical shape and have a strong mental mindset. It is important to understand, that professional poker has nothing to do with recreational poker nor gambling. If you would like to get in touch with me, then feel free to use my contact formular. I am always happy to hear from other poker players or members of the poker community.


Gravel bike cycling in the suburbs of Copenhagen.

I try to keep a healthy body and mind through an ongoing study of personal development and practice of walks, swimming and gravel bike cycling in central Copenhagen and suburbs of Copenhagen. I have many years of experience from martial arts in my past.

A passion for electronics, mechanics and sports.

Besides that. I have a general passion for computers, high fidelity audio systems, electronics, photography, classic cars, motorcycles and speedboats, people, cultures and more. I have operated many different kinds and models, which has resulted in amazing experiences and valuable friendships.

Hire me!

I like to help people with things, that I am passionate about. By no means do I claim to be a know-all multi-millionare, but I do have many years of passion driven professional experience. If you need a quick advice, are experiencing a technical problem, need a member in your project or has an open position in your business, then you might be glad to learn, that I offer my services in system administration, photography and poker coaching. I also offer sponsored content and advertising options.