Amir V. was a former Persian carpet business owner and a regular live cashgame poker player at Casino Copenhagen, where he was known for his warm personality and famous nit play style. RIP.

The sad news: Amir V. had passed away.

It’s been a long time since I have visited the poker room at Casino Copenhagen due to the current corona virus pandemic. The casino has secured the poker room to protect the players from infection and I missed the regular players, so I decided to mask up and go there. It was very nice to enter the well known relaxed atmosphere and meet the regular poker players, that were present, but I quickly was given the sad message, that one of the regular poker players had passed away during the last weeks (September 2020).

A warm welcome to the poker cashgame tables at Casino Copenhagen by Amir V.

I meet Amir V. at the poker tables in the summer of 2017, where I decided to try my online poker skills at a live poker table. According to my poker player notes, I had my first personal chat with him in the fall of 2017, where I learned about his history and his extra ordinary kind personality. He had Iranian background, was the founder of a succesful Persian carpet business at Nørrebro in Copenhagen and had played poker for more than 15 years.

The poker face of poker player Amir V. at a no limit texas holdem cashgame at Casino Copenhagen.

The nit play style.

His play style was the well known nit style, which describes a player, who only plays premium hands and usually in a passive way. While this style might not be the most profitable style, it is a more safe approach, that can work well against the drunk and recreational players, that will often get seated at a casino, finish their drinks and bluff their entire stack off. Let me put it this way: I was scared, when he actually raised preflop. He would mostly limp premium hands as strong as QQ+ and AK preflop. He would also limp suited royal cards, that could make a royal straight flush, because it would give him the casino royal flush jackpot. He would even try to signal such hands with a huge smile, while he hoped, that I would not have a hand and raise the pot.

Amir V. and the royal straight flush jackpot.

Amir was an honest man (and honest poker player) with a good heart. He would reserve seats for me. Sometimes even coffee. He always offered a deal, that we shared a part of the royal flush jackpot with each other. A good deal, because he would play his royal flush draws even though not having the correct odds. When playing heads-up, he would sometimes say, that I should just fold my hand, because I could not win. A tough message, when you have a hand as strong as a set, which could earn you thousands at a casino. And that is exactly, how my last time and hand against Amir was: I lost all-in with a lower set against Amir’s top set. He had limped pocket jacks preflop, which I failed to recognize, when trying to test his line and work my hand reading. I could not give up my hand and had to pay the price. Amir did not like to win this way.


Amir never won his royal flush jackpot. I am sad, that I never had a chance to say goodbye and I will miss him greatly. Rest in peace, Amir.

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