Review of Havit KB496L RGB backlit mechanical keyboard for FreeBSD desktop computers and Android smartphones.

Switching between USB and Bluetooth modes.

The Havit KB496L keyboard can either be used in USD mode or in Bluetooth mode. The default is USB mode. The USB mode, with the USB cable connected to a computer, works right out of the box. This means, that the keyboard can be used to type input to a connected computer, such as a FreeBSD desktop computer.

The person, who wrote the Havit KB496L user manual, wrote, that pressing FN+P will switch between USB mode and Bluetooth mode. This is unfortunately not correct. This would be a neat feature through! The reason is, that it would not be necessary to turn on a lamp, flip the keyboard, locate the dark switch and operate it. I suspect, that there might be a newer version the keyboard, that does has this feature, since the manuel describes it, while they still ship older keyboards – with the new manual.

Pairing and connecting via Bluetooth to smartphone.

If the Havit KB496L keyboard is in USB mode, then switch to Bluetooth mode. This is done by flipping the keyboard, locating the switch and operating it to the on position. This will disable USB mode and enable Bluetooth mode. Press FN+P for 3 sec. The P will now flash. In this mode, the keyboard can be paired to another device, such as an Android smartphone. This is done by going to Bluetooth connections, scanning for new devices and then looking for the keyboard. The default name is KB946L. Use it to pair the devices. You might want to rename this according to your device naming scheme.

The keyboard should be able to switch between the wired USB connection and up to 5 wireless paired Bluetooth connections.

When the keyboard is in Bluetooth mode, the keyboard will automatically turn off, if the keyboard has not been used in 15 sec. When a key is pressed, it is ready in less than 1 sec and the typed input is sent.

Mechanical switches in Havit KB496L.

The mechanical switches in Havit KB496L is probably Outemu Brown, which is a tactile switch with no clicking sound. It is, in my oppinion, the best switch for typing, programming and gaming. I also find, that is better than Cherry MX, which has a loud cheap clicking sound to my ears. The official website for the keyboard does not mention, what kind of mechanical switches, there has been fitted in the keyboad. However, I have seen other sites describe them as Outemu Brown.

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