Configure FileZilla to access and use an SFTP server in order to upload and download files. Tested with FileZilla 3.3.1 on FreeBSD 13.1 on 2022-11-04.

Create SFTP server site entry in Site Manager of FileZilla.

Open FileZilla and go to Site Manager. This is where you can create site entries for the servers, that you have access to. The term site refers to SFTP servers. This is also known as bookmarks. Click New site and select protocol, enter host, user and password and then click OK to save the details or Connect to save the details and connect to the server right away. In the following example screenshot, an entry for Dragon SFTP has been created.

Screenshot of FileZilla and its Site Manager in which an entry for access to Dragon SFTP has been created.

Log into SFTP server with FileZilla.

You can now open FileZilla and use the Site Manager drop down menu in the top left corner to quickly access the server site entry from above. In the following example screenshot, a user foo has logged into Dragon SFTP server and can now upload to the server and download files from the server.

Screenshot of FileZilla, that is logged into Dragon SFTP server. The left panel contains files on the client (user’s computer). The right panel contains files on the server.

More about FileZilla and SFTP.

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