Visualized hand ranges for the semi loose aggressive (SLAG) poker players for small stakes (NL50 to NL100) fullring cash games at PokerStars and other poker sites.

What is a semi loose and aggressive (SLAG) poker player?

The purpose of the following semi loose and aggressive (SLAG) poker player style is to ensure a nice board coverage from every position, a well balanced bluff to value ratio and being an active player, that is hard to play against, while showing up at the river with stronger hands.

The SLAG is an experienced and advanced poker player, that play a slightly wider range of hands, than the tight and aggressive (TAG) poker player, but not as wide as the loose and aggressive (LAG) poker player. The SLAG is slightly more aggressive than the TAG, but not as aggressive as the LAG. The SLAG falls into the category of good regular players.

Table of VPIP, PFR and AF statistics for SLAG, TAG and LAG poker players for fullring cash games.

The SLAG hand ranges are balanced between value hands and bluff hands, but a SLAG is able to shift ranges in-game to exploit tendencies of the different player types at the table. This dynamic skill require excellent note taking, hand reading skills and execution skills. The SLAG can also use randomized actions vs. other SLAGs and LAGs players for balancing multiple lines in trivial spots.

The SLAG is found at the small stakes (NL50 and NL100) and higher stakes. The SLAG is profitable, if mastered well, but disastrous, if not mastered. TAGs, that aims to transpose into the SLAG player style, will experience rough times with big losses until they eventually master it. The reason is, that many of the hands are marginal and require solid strong proven lines, hand reading skills, post flop skills and mental game.

The lobby of no limit shorthanded and fullring cashgames at PokerStars on a late night Danish time in 2020.
The lobby of no limit shorthanded and fullring cashgames at PokerStars on a late night Danish time in 2020.

Hand ranges for each action and position.

The following ranges are sorted after action and turn to act. You can also use the anchor links below to skip to a specific range, scroll and then return here with your browsers back feature.

2bet (raise first in) ranges for SLAG poker players.

2bet range from EP.
2bet range from MP.
2bet range from HJ.
2bet range from CO.
2bet range from BU.
2bet range from SB.
2bet range from BB.

3bet ranges for SLAG poker players.

3bet range vs EP.
3bet range vs MP.
3bet vs HJ.
3bet range vs CO.
3bet range vs BU.
3bet range vs SB.

4bet ranges for SLAG poker players.

4bet range from EP.
4bet range from MP.
4bet from HJ.
4bet range from CO.
4bet range from BU.
4bet from SB vs BB.
4bet cold vs any.

5bet ranges for SLAG poker players.

5bet vs EP.
5bet vs MP.
5bet vs HJ.
5bet vs CO.
5bet vs BU.
5bet range vs SB.

6bet ranges for SLAG poker players.


Call 2bet ranges for SLAG poker players.

Call 2bet from EP and MP.
Call 2bet from CO.
Call 2bet from BU.
Call 2bet from SB and BB.

Call 3bet ranges for SLAG poker players.

Call 3bet out of position.
Call 3bet in position.

Call 4bet ranges for SLAG poker players.

Call 4bet 22 bb.
Call 4bet 23 bb.
Call 4bet 24bb.
Call 4bet 25bb.
Call 4bet 26 bb.
Call 4bet 28bb.
Call 4bet 36bb.

About the hand ranges.

The SLAG will not be making a lot of calls vs. 4bets, but when he does, it is with position or direct odds, when the opponent sizes 4bets too low.

The call vs. 4bet ranges assumes, that SB posts 0,5 bb, BB posts 1 bb, TAG 2bets from CO, SLAG 3bets to 9 bb from BU and TAG 4bets QQ+ and AK. Using the formula for calculating pot odds, Equilab can calculate, which hands, that has the required equity. In general, 22 bb is the limit for continuing with speculative hands without implied odds.

3bet size4bet sizeEquity
Table of direct pot odds, when facing different 4bet sizes.

Odds% = $Call / ($Call + $Pot)

A note about the graphics for my hand ranges.

I maintain my ranges in Equilab and export them by taking a screenshot with Snip & Sketch. I then transfer them to a FreeBSD system, where I have programmed a simple shell script, that automatically crops and prepares each hand range with ImageMagick for sharing here on my website.

for range in *.jpg
  convert $range \
    -crop 401x401+7+52 \
    -resize 960x960 \
    -quality 20 \

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