Hilarious poker videos about brokeback pocket kings, doom switches and bait rigged beats by the PokerStars suckout stepchild Magic.

What can you do, when things goes wrong?

What can you do, when the things, you do, no matter how well, just goes horribly wrong? When you feel, that you are playing poker against the worst players in the world, but they just crush your aces and kings like its nothing? How do you manage the frustration, anger and entitlement tilt? Well. You should naturally leave and study your game, variance and poker. These bad beats and downswings is a natural part of variance in poker and life in general. Aces and kings will lose to a worse hand 5 out of 4 times. It will rain on your parade from time to time.

Meet “Magic”.

Meanwhile it helps to look at others suffer from the same devastating bad beats. You are not alone. A quick search might give you one of the most hilarious sources for that: The PokerStars suckout stepchild Magic, who plays online poker at PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker and other poker networks under the player names “magic612” and “LUCKSAC915”. He screencasts, produces and publishes hilarious videos about his aces donk ass whiping, brokeback mountain pocket kings, doom switches, bait rigged beats and two pair scams on BlogTV and YouTube, that are themed as “The suckout zone” and has slogans, such as “Where donks are kings” and “PokerStars is a scam”.

It is unknown, whether he is purely joking, but it does sound like, that he is serious and really feel, that he is more unlucky, than he should be. He blames the random number generators, bad players and the card room owners for his bad beats. He is never seen studying expected value of his actions nor variance and bankroll management plan, which indicates, that he is ignoring the fact, that he will lose and go through downswings from time to time – like everybody else.

Magic’s intro, that he uses in many of his videos and voiced over with “There you go. True randomness on Stars. Again I got him dominated. Fucking idiots. Check it out. Allright? Of course!”, which are classic outbursts and indicators of frustration and tilt.

Who is “Magic”?

Does anyone know the real name or identity of Magic, who plays online poker at PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker under the player names “magic612” and “LUCKSAC915”?