The Cerwin-Vega AL-1002 floorstanding loudspeaker.

According to the official Cerwin-Vega homepage (2001), the Cerwin-Vega AL-1002 is the ultimate home audio floorstanding loadspeaker, that can handle massive power at 1.000 watts into 4 ohms. Cerwin-Vega describe it as an audio exclamation point, that has massive power handling and enormous sound output. If rock and roll is dying, then Cerwin-Vega’s AL-1002 will make sure, that it certainly does not go quietly. Rock and roll already had a museum, so Cerwin-Vega built it a monument.

Cerwin-Vega AL-1002 floorstanding speaker with 15 inch woofer, 8 inch midwoofer and 1,5 inch tweeter in ported bass reflex cabinet.

It has a 15 inch diecast aluminum high efficiency vented woofer with a 9 inch magnet assembly, full 2 inch long-throw voice coil and inverted dust cap for the low frequency output. It has a 8 inch rapid-attack midwoofer with a 6,5 inch magnet assembly and 1,5 inch voice coil for the mid frequency output. It has a 1 inch Supronyl soft dome with low diffraction polished aluminum tweeter flange for the high frequency output. The woofer has the production code ALW 152.

Cerwin-Vega AL-1002 ALW 152 15 inch woofer and its magnet assembly as viewed from the back.
Cerwin-Vega AL-1002 ALW 152 15 inch woofer and its inverted dust cap as viewed from the front.

The official Cerwin-Vega homepage (2001) also provide a data sheet for the The Cerwin-Vega AL-1002 loudspeaker: Frequency response is from 28 Hz to 20 kHz at -2 dB. Power handling is 1.000 watts at peak power. Sound pressure level (SPL) is 123 dB at 1 m and peak power. Sensitivity is 95 dB at 2,93 V/m. Nominal impedance is 4 ohms. Crossover frequency is 400 Hz and 3 kHz. Terminals has optional bridge for biwiring configuration. Cabinet is built with 1 inch and 0,75 inch medium-density fibreboard with dual bass reflex pipes, grey granite vinyl and black removable front grille. Height is 114 cm (44,75 inch). Width is 45 cm (17,38) inch. Depth is 44 cm (15,50 inch). Total weight is 42 kg (92,5 pounds).

Its level of sensitivity allow for a wide range of amplifiers to be used, but it is my experience, that its full potential is only achieved, when used with a powerful home audio or professional grade amplifier, that outputs at least 200 W RMS at 4 ohms per channel. If a less powerful amplifier, or an amplifier for another impedance, is used, then the full potential of the speaker might not be achieved. I highly recommend using an equalizer before the amplifier to form the often flat music source signal to your personal preference. I find that to be specifically notable around the lower frequencies, which needs a boost for those deeper transients to work the woofer nicely.

The Cerwin-Vega AL-1002 are built for playing amplified rock and roll, heavy metal and electronic trance music, which are music genres, that should be played loud and demands enormous power, while maintaining a controlled, clear and non-distorted sound. The same is true for action and horror movies. In the following years, it also proved well built for playing deep transient rap and electronic dubstep music.

The Cerwin-Vega AL-1002 was produced from about 1999 to 2001 and sold until about 2002, which was about the time, when audio shops switched their focus to surround sound configurations, that had separate subwoofer, for the home audio market. HiFi Klubben was a supplier of Cerwin-Vega AL-1002 in Denmark. Unfortunately, HiFi Klubben no longer has spare parts, manuals nor data sheets available. The Cerwin-Vega AL-1002 remains one of the legends, when it comes to large floorstanding speakers.

If you need any help with maintaining or repairing your Cerwin-Vega speakers, I recommend applying for membership in the Cerwin-Vega Facebook groups and Cerwin-Vega forums. The Cerwin-Vega speakers and amplifiers has thousands of helpful dedicated fans for life all over the globe. I also have a Cerwin-Vega themed wallpaper available for download at my Cerwin-Vega themed wallpaper page.