Video from Rave Parade ’99 at Rådhuspladsen in Copenhagen in Denmark on 7th of August 1999.

Video from Rave Parade ’99 in Copenhagen.

A local DJ, by the name Peter Käehne, and his Club Creator project arranged Rave Parade ’99 in Copenhagen. It was a trance music event, also known as a technorave at the time, that was inspired by the popular Love Parade in Berlin. It was held at Rådhuspladsen in central Copenhagen.

Unfortunately, the use of electronic amplifiers was limited by to a few hours, which was frustrating, because the much larger and louder Copenhagen Pride parade, that would be held a few weeks later, did not have the same limitations.

Video of Rave Parade ’99 in Copenhagen on 7th of August 1999. Recorded on high quality Samsung Hi8 camcorder, but encoded in scheiss bitrate, by Micski.