Promote a product, brand or website to a technical audience in Denmark, Europe and USA with sponsored content on Micski’s Blog and Homepage.

What is sponsored content?

Sponsored content is a paid presentation, article, blog post or similar kind of content, that matches the theme and format of the other non-paid content on my website. It is hosted on my website, which makes it native content like my other content is. As a result, it can include video clips, images and any other kind of content code blocks, that my other non-paid content can. The only difference between the sponsored content and the non-paid content is the sponsorship.

Who is the audience?

Micski’s Blog and Homepage is a website in blog format on which I regularly publish valuable content about system administration of information technology, no limit holdem cashgame poker strategy and chess opening strategy. In addition to that, I also publish content about video production and photography.

My visitors (audience) are primarily system administators, technical professionals and computer gamers, that are located in Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Poland, Great Britain and USA.

Which pages are best suited for sponsored content?

If the brand is of interest to system administrators, technical professionals or my general audience, my front page, which is the most visited, might be considered.

πŸ† Micski’s Blog and Homepage

In the brand is of technical kind, one of my technical pages might be better suited. I have listed some of the best suited pages for technical related sponsored content below.

πŸ† Password Generator
πŸ† What is My IP Address?
πŸ† Install Ubuntu base system into FreeBSD’s Linux Binary Compatibility
πŸ† How to mount exFAT formatted SD memory card on FreeBSD
πŸ† How to install Spotify on FreeBSD
πŸ† How to upgrade PHP and PHP extensions on a FreeBSD server
πŸ† Install and run Signal desktop application on FreeBSD
πŸ† Cerwin-Vega AL-1002 specifications, pictures and woofer assembly

If the brand is more of interest to poker players, chess players or computer gamers, then it might be better placed on pages in my game categories. I have listed some of the best suited pages for game related sponsored content below.

πŸ† How to build a profitable game plan for cashgame poker
πŸ† Hand ranges for semi loose and aggressive (SLAG) poker players
πŸ† The Sicilian defense chess opening: Black fight for center control
πŸ† Trapping whites queen with Englunds gambit chess opening
πŸ† The Italian game chess opening: Strong development

Price options for sponsored content.

The price for sponsored content depends on the placement, size and relevance of the content in question. It also depends on the brand and associated website. And, finally, it also depends on the time, that the content should be active, hosted and on display. For those reasons, queries about the price for sponsored content should be accompanied by an example or detailed description of the sponsored content, the brand, associated website and the budget. Queries about sponsored content can be sent via email to .

Is sponsored content better than advertising?

Sponsored content is not invasive nor disruptive. For those reasons, it is commonly used by authors of blogs and by influencers on social media platforms to raise brand awareness to more interested audience. As a result, sponsored content is more effective than traditional advertisement and is considered to be a premium type of advertising.

How to get inbound traffic to website?

If your sponsored content includes a link to an external website of yours or your client, the external website will get inbound traffic from the link. Your web server should log data about this traffic, that can be used to learn more about the visitors and valuable details.

Which link relations are offered?

Links, that is used in sponsored content, such as links to a product or service, is sponsored and the link relation should be set to sponsored. As a result, search engines will understand, that the link is not trying to manipulate search engine ranking algorithms. A sponsored link is valuable for raising brand awareness and passing traffic to the brand and linked page.

Links, that is not related to the other content at all, and links, that point to untrusted websites, is not to be followed by search engine crawlers and the link relation should be set to nofollow. As a result, search engines will understand, that the link is not trying to manipulate search engine ranking algorithms. A nofollow link is valuable for passing traffic to the linked page.

How to get normal follow links to website?

Links, that does not have a relation set, are normal links. These are also sometimes referred to as follow links. Normal follow links are used, when the external website, that is linked to, are trusted and contains valuable content, that is related to the content on my homepage. An example could be another technical blog, which had valuable information, that I learned from.

Should sponsored content be indicated?

If an article, blog post or page is sponsored content, then it might be required by local law, that it is indicated as a subject to full disclosure. For this reason, it should be disclosed and indicated by phrases, such as sponsored content, affiliated content or paid content.

How is visitor traffic logged and analyzed?

Traffic in the form of HTTP requests to Micski’s Blog and Homepage are logged in detail by the Apache web server. As a result, the logged data can be used to learn tendencies and statistics about the visitors and audience in terms of visited URLs, popular entry pages, exit pages, sites of visitors, referrers, user agents of visitors and countries.

This page was last updated 2022-06-12.