Prices for my personal IT assistance and subscription to my IT hosting, privacy and security related services.

Free IT related help, assistance and services?

I am often asked, if I can help people with their IT related problems. Their problems ranges from classic desktop computer issues to advanced recovery from devastating data loss. Well. It took me many years of intense study and hard work to master IT – just like it also takes many years of intense study and hard work to master any other profession. For that reason, I do not help you for free – just like you can not get your car repaired at your local garage for free, get that nice smile at your local dentist for free or enjoy that tasty three course dinner at your local restaurant for free.

Recovery of files and critical data from damaged USB storage device.
Recovery of files and critical data from damaged USB storage device.

Prices for my personal IT assistance.

General IT support
My help in choice and use of desktop computers, laptop computers, smartphones and operating systems. Assistance with NemID, Digital Medarbejdersignatur and other state issued digital authentication solutions. My help in acquiry of domain names. My role as your virtual assistant.
240,00 DKK per hour
Composition, copywriting and translation of contracts, procedures and similar types of documents or online content.
240,00 DKK per hour
Websites and content management systems
Assistance with building or rebuilding a database driven websites from scratch. Implementation of customer relation management systems, content management systems or similar database driven services. Assistance with WordPress, Drupal or other website systems. Light programming, scripting and software development.
640,00 DKK per hour
System and network system administion maintenance
Regular IT related monitoring health checks, testing and maintenance of servers, systems, networks and services in your internal and external IT infrastructure. Administration of virtual private servers and virtual file systems. Attending as IT specialist at business meetings with board of directors or similiar official meetings.
640,00 DKK per hour
Advanced IT related system and network administration
Recovery from hacked websites, ransomware encryption locked file systems or other devasting data loss. Implementing automated and fully encrypted backup systems. Securing evidence from systems or services. Advanced tasks within the field of system and network administration.
1.280,00 DKK per hour
Table of prices for my personal IT assistance. Prices are listed as DKK per hour and are paid fully or partially in advance.

Prices for subscription to my hosting, privacy and security related IT services.

Hosting with Apache, MySQL and PHP
Domain in DNS. Website on Apache web server, MySQL database and PHP scripting language. Webalizer visitor statistics. HTTPS SSL encryption with Let’s Encrypt. Email with IMAP and SMTPS encryption.
240,00 DKK per year
Web broxy and privacy on the internet with Privoxy
Access the internet through my fast Privoxy web proxy server with IP address protection, advertisement filters and other privacy related features. Works on desktop computers and smartphones without installing any software.
240,00 DKK per year
Internet privacy with TunnelBear VPN server
TunnelBear is a VPN server for Mac and Windows based desktop computers and smartphones. TunnelBear encrypts your internet connection to keep your online activity private on any network. I am a affiliate for TunnelBear and I have tested this VPN and can fully support it in terms of installation, usability, privacy and security.
250,00 DKK per year
Table of yearly prices for subscription to my hosting, privacy and security IT services. Prices are listed as DKK per year and are paid fully in advance.

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I will be very happy to help you and offer you my personal IT assistance or subscription to my hosting, privacy and security related IT services. If you are ready to order now, then please contact me via email by clicking the button below. You may include your contact details and an optional description of your needs. If you are interested in a long term service level agreement, I will be happy to learn more about your needs and return a quote. I will usually respond to email within 24 hours.

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